One step website details page design strategy

2022-01-15 17:12:02 hongling

One step website details page design strategy

1. What does the details page consist of

A: First screen Poster

When the buyer clicks on the baby to enter the store, it is very important to browse the first screen information that the baby first shows to the buyer. Whether the buyer continues to browse the baby is usually called the first screen theory.

The first impression is the deepest. Take a simple example; A man and a woman are on a blind date. After meeting, they can decide whether to understand each other deeply and whether the two people will develop further. The same is true when we design the details page. The first screen determines whether the buyer will deeply understand our baby and place an order in the store. What information needs to be displayed to the buyer when designing the first screen to attract the buyer to continue browsing the baby?

Usually, when designing the first screen, the buyer will be guided to associate a certain scene, that is, what we often call scenario marketing. There are many factors to be considered when designing the first screen, such as; Whether the color is consistent with the theme of the store, whether the color is coordinated with the baby, what to write in the copy, the number of words is controlled within a few words, the position of the baby in the picture, the position of the copy, etc. need to be taken into account.

For example, the following figure; With gray and cyan gradients as the background color, an English silougen at the top of the picture sets off the baby's positioning. The model is in the middle of the whole picture, so that the overall picture is not biased. The four character copywriting on the right side of the model is simple and clear, which makes the buyer associate. The buyer will immediately think whether he has temperament in wearing this dress? Can you stand out from the crowd? And imported clothes are not very noble?

Everyone has vanity, but some people's performance is not very obvious. Everyone will not easily deny himself in his heart. Just like this dress, the model has temperament, and I will also have temperament, which most people will associate with. It should be noted that there should not be too many copies, too many will make the whole page appear messy, and the buyer will not be patient to read what you write.

One step website details page design strategy

B: Baby basic information

Baby's basic information mainly describes baby's brand, product number, market price, baby's applicable season, fabric and commodity index, such as; Fitness index, thickness index, elasticity index, softness index, washing instructions, model introduction, height, weight and circumference. The basic information of the baby is to let the buyer further understand the baby. The more detailed the baby's information is, the better. The introduction of the model is to show the buyer the actual effect of wearing. If the buyer's height, weight When there is a big gap between the circumference and the model, the effect of wearing is different.

The most common setting method of baby basic information in the market is as segmentation; On the left is the real picture of the baby (model or still life), and on the right is the detailed information of the baby.


C: Product specification

The product specification mainly tells the buyer that each specification and size is applicable to different height and weight. The buyer can place an order according to the product specification table corresponding to their own size. Most stores only make a size chart for the buyer to query the corresponding size. It is suggested that the function introduction of the baby is added at the bottom of the size chart to let the buyer know more about the baby, for example; The interpretation of fabrics is "breathable, skin friendly, environmental friendly, comfortable, washable and other information".