How to do WeChat official account content planning

2022-01-17 14:46:25 hongling

1, do not rush to focus on the hot spots, first official account of WeChat.

Official account is what you want to see. Before you choose the topic, think about why the reader should read your official account and give readers a long-term attention. Your public number will have a specific impression on the reader. If the impression is not clear, it will not cause lasting attraction to the readers.

The so-called positioning actually contains four simple questions.

1) Who am I?

2) Who are my readers?

3) What do I offer?

4) What is the value of my content to readers?

The above four problems are identified, and the location of the official account is actually completed, and the direction for future content creation is set. Of course, the positioning may change, maybe the positioning is inaccurate for the first time, maybe the market has changed or the fans have changed, so the positioning should also be adjusted in time to ensure accurate positioning, and then insist on creating content and outputting content.

2. Knowing your opponent is sometimes more important than knowing yourself

No matter what industry we are in and what positioning we make, we must consider our competitors. Users and the market are there. Unless we create something unprecedented, readers or users will always have a choice in the end.

In other words, whether we can succeed depends on whether we can do better than our competitors, or whether we can form our unique competitiveness.

Understanding the opponent is competitive product analysis. This includes analyzing the target population, service type, positioning, function introduction, menu bar, content planning and characteristics, user interaction, activity type and other aspects of new media as competitive products.

As long as we form differentiated competitiveness with our competitors, we will almost succeed.

3. The best way to focus is to plan columns

One of the main purposes of positioning is to create a distinctive impression of your official account and to set an impression on the reader. So let the content form a column is a good way. A successful column will become official account symbol of the public and play a multiplier role.

So when doing content planning, you might as well try planning columns. One type of content corresponds to one column.

Column planning includes column theme, column style, corresponding topic selection, column form, column content, etc. These specific problems will be determined one by one to form a standard plan.

4, attractive official account is always life and character.

The Internet age is the age of users. As we all know, the homogenization of content is very serious. As a social hot spot, there are often those perspectives and views. What attracts readers to pay attention to you? The style of the official account is very important. The style is broad style, not only the style or visual style, but also the character of the official account. It talks about the attitude and tone of things.

Official account of WeChat official account is the key step to talent shows itself from many content producers.

With the personality attribute, we can make friends with readers, obtain the continuous attention of a group, and finally form our own brand.

5. The topic selection does not depend on whim, but the continuous accumulation day and night

Why does a topic attract readers? It just happened to be good? Is there a certain law behind it?

It can be clearly said that it must be regular. Good topics can always be consistent with the public psychology through rational analysis. However, such a rule is really difficult to grasp, because the psychological characteristics of different user groups are different. That's why the hot spots of Zhihu are different from those of Douban, and the hot search of microblog is different from those of wechat, because the people behind are different.

Let alone fans who are subdivided into a official account.

Is there no way? Neither. If we can do more when selecting topics, and then combine the reader's characteristics and psychology to choose, we will naturally accumulate.

The operation of WeChat official account has entered the era of content king. We all agree that we must not rush to do the content well. If content planning is well done, it will surely have a positive effect on the future operation, and the better the step by step.